Cold Pressed Juice

What is it exactly?  It is our promise that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck and the absolute most benefits from each juice we make for you.  Cold pressed means that we use a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of  pressure to extract the maximum nutrients from each fresh organic fruit and  vegetable.  We believe it's the best and only way to enjoy juice but comes see for yourself!


Our advice is  to just do it.  By giving your body a chance to relax from your daily indulgences your digestive system can detox.  Our special juice cleanses are designed to energize your cells and balance your digestive system.  Come pick our brain and check out our different options.


Juicing and food is not only a way to sustain your physical body, but a way to  support your energy body as well.  We, at Plantology, believe that what you put into your body can help your Chakras heal energetically.  We have connected each of our juices to one of the seven Chakras to help enlighten your drinking experience.

Shelf Life

We believe that our juice is most  beneficial in it's natural state.  The shelf life of our  juice is from 4-5 days since we never heat up our produce to pasteurization.  This way you can enjoy the rawest form of the plants we make for you.

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